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24-hour turnaround for custom slitting available!


Specialist in the Art

of Narrow Width Slitting

Flexicon Pacific, Inc. is an exceptional supplier of shrink and release films for the composite industry and specializes in the art of narrow width slitting. We are the go-to narrow slit specialists for contract slitting services. Send us your specialty film—polypropylene films, cellophane, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, etc.—and we will provide top-quality narrow width slitting catered to the purpose for your product outcome. From slitting less than 2-inches wide to slitting a roll as wide as 60-inches, we have the capabilities of custom slitting and splitting anything small, large or in-between.

We can handle rolls up to 60” in width and 30” OD. Flexicon Pacific has the aptitude to supply narrow width films to maximize compression and avoid wrinkling on tapes or parts. We offer slit printed and unprinted film for a variety of applications including many packaging materials. With Flexicon Pacific, we offer quick turnarounds and premium quality narrow width slitting along with packaging, palletizing and worldwide shipping services.

Cutting-Edge Narrow Width Slitting Machines

for Contract Slitting Services

Our state-of-the-art composite manufacturing company is equipped with cutting-edge narrow width slitting machines that can process a variety of materials, such as carbon fiber prepreg, fiberglass, packaging films, etc. Depending on what you are planning to manufacture—sail parts, fishing rods, composite bicycle frames, golf shafts, parts for the aerospace industry, etc.—our team of incredibly skilled and knowledgeable specialists are always available to offer our expertise in which narrow width slitting size is best suited for your products.

With Flexicon Pacific, our narrow width Slitting Services and products are held to the highest standard of excellence. Samples of our quality work is available. Wherever you may be, we provide local, nationwide and international shipping services. To get started, get in touch with Flexicon Pacific.

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  • 24-hour turnaround time
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