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24-hour turnaround for custom slitting available!


Custom Slit Films

for the Composite Tubing Industry

Flexicon Pacific, Inc. is an industry leader in the specialization of manufacturing custom slit films for the composite tubing industry. Our top-quality custom slit films are held to the highest standard of excellence. We offer a variety of premium composite materials to produce a diverse range of composite tubing release films. Flexicon Pacific is located in Orange County, but we provide our exceptional custom slit films for all types of composite tubing industries both locally and internationally.

Our wide variation of clientele is located overseas in China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, etc. Flexicon Pacific’s team of manufacturing experts have years of experience in shipping our custom slit film products anywhere in the world.

A Variety of Premium Quality Composite Materials

for Composite Tubing Release Films

Here at Flexicon Pacific in Orange County, we supply top-quality composite materials for composite tubing, aerospace tubing and recreational composite tubing industries. We provide custom slitting solutions for a diverse selection of manufactured products, including graphite golf shafts, composite arrows, ski poles, composite bike frames, fishing rods and much more.

Our cutting-edge facility uses premium film types, such as biaxially and monoaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP), nylon, PVA and cellophane. Various micron gauges and widths are also available. Since 1978, we have exceeded all of our clients’ expectations with our first-class composite manufacturing services in developing composite tubing release films. If you have any questions or concern, contact Flexicon Pacific today!

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