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Worldwide Supplier of Specialty

Films in the Mfg of Tubular Composites

Flexicon Pacific, Inc. has been the premier supplier of custom specialty films for the tubular composite industry since 1978. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional custom slitting services and products held to the highest standard. With special designed slitting equipment, Flexicon Pacific provides quality, narrow width rolls to the manufacturers of tubular composite products. We provide top-quality specialty films for a wide range of industry products, including manufacturers of fishing rods, graphite golf shafts, composite bicycle frames, composite arrows, ski poles, sailing parts and many other composite tubing products. We also supply films for the aerospace composite industry. Flexicon Pacific is located in Orange County, but we provide our quality custom slitting services to manufacturers worldwide.

History & Customers

Specialty Films for:

  • Fishing Rods
  • Graphite Golf Shafts
  • Composite Bicycle Frames
  • Composite Arrows
  • Ski Poles
  • Sailing Parts
  • Other Tubing Products

We work with many different film types

in different thicknesses and widths


Wide Range of Excellent Custom Slitting

  • Composite Tubing
  • Release Films
  • Narrow Width Slitting
  • Contract Slitting
  • Spec Sheets
  • & More…

Top-Quality Specialty Films

for Custom Slitting Solutions

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest technology and custom slitting equipment to work with a diverse assortment of specialty films slit to narrow widths. If your company is in need of services, such as Composite Tubing Release Films, Narrow Width Slitting, Contract Slitting, Spec Sheets, etc., Flexicon Pacific offers a wide range of excellent custom slitting services for premium specialty film products.

There is no job too small or complicating for us to handle. We work with different specialty film types with different thicknesses and widths to cater to our clients’ needs and desires. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists are experts at custom slitting. Whether it be a 3/8” width or a 60” width, Flexicon Pacific’s custom slitting services can customize the film specs to suit your company’s necessities. We specialize in providing a diverse assortment of specialty films and maintaining new film types slit to narrow widths. Our 24-hour turnaround time for custom slitting is unmatchable. Samples of our premium work are available. Wherever you may be, we provide local, nationwide and international shipping services. For top-quality narrow width films and customized film specs, contact Flexicon Pacific, Inc.

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Unmatched Customer Service:

  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Custom slitting is unmatchable
  • Samples available
  • Local, nationwide and international shipping