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24-hour turnaround for custom slitting available!


Contract Slitting Services

for all Thin Gauge Packaging and Industrial Films

Throughout the years, Flexicon Pacific, Inc.—one of the best custom composite manufacturing companies based in Orange County—has developed the ability to slit various types of thin gauge films, used in the packaging and commercial (industrial) industries. Our advanced slitting machines have the capabilities to slit a wide variety of composite material films, including polypropylene, cellophane, nylon, PVA, polyesters, polyethylene, printed and unprinted.

We can handle rolls from 60” weighing up to 1500lbs and we slit as narrow as 3/8”. Flexicon Pacific offers our exceptional custom contract slitting services to industries worldwide. Wherever you may be, we provide local, nationwide and international shipping services.

Exceptional Precision Slitting Services

for Shrink and Release Films

If you are looking for someone to custom slit your film, whether it is for a sample size or large product order, Flexicon Pacific is your go-to precision slitting company for shrink and release films! We have the flexibility to handle any quick turnaround requirements for locations in Orange, California.

We offer top-quality contract slitting services for all types of composite, aerospace and packaging industries. Our incredibly knowledgeable and skilled slitter operators have handled a multitude of different films and widths. Please contact Flexicon Pacific for any slitting requirements.

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Unmatched Customer Service:

  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Custom slitting is unmatchable
  • Samples available
  • Local, nationwide and international shipping